KMNYE+ Key- competences . Mobility. Non – formal.Youth . Erasmus +

The Youth Mobility entitled KMNYE + Key- competences . Mobility. Non – formal.Youth . Erasmus + will take place from 11 to 17 October 2015 in Oradea. The mobility will bring together 48 young people (26 facing different obstacles: unemployed and from rural areas) from three different countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. The aim of the project is twofold: on the one hand to discuss issues connected with labor market affecting the entire European youth community , problems such as unemployment , poverty and marginalization , school dropout . The youngsters will seek solutions to these issues and will discuss their countries’ strategies regarding the Europe 2020 objectives . The project also enables young people to develop a wide range of skills that they can valorify in finding a job , increasing their competitiveness in the labor market . These skills include the initiative and entrepreneurship, digital- , mathematical- and logical skills, civic and social competences, positive awareness of other cultures . Activities that contribute to the development of these skills are : presentations and discussions about the topic of unemployment and the Europe 2020 objectives , the workshops for creating business plans ( ideas of viable companies in different areas of the economy ), skill developing activities , theater forum , etc . On the other hand the mobility aims to familiarize participants with the new European youth program, Erasmus plus, and facilitate the promotion of the program in the local and virtual community. Participants will realize promotional materials ( posters and flyers ) and during a small campaign in the city will distribute these materials to locals and talk with those interested about the possibilities offered by this program. Also, during the days of mobility, young people will make a movie to promote the Erasmus plus programme, they will present it on the penultimate day of the mobility and they will promote it on social networks, web pages , video sharing platforms, etc. At the end of the project the participants will receive the Youthpass certificate aiming to recognize and validate the skills acquired by the participants.
After the mobility each promoter will organize a dissemination event which will be attended by youth and students, the representatives of the mass media , of NGOs and local institutions. During the event the promoters will present the results of the project , the promotional movie of Erasmus plus made by the participants and will distribute the dissemination brochures and DVDs.