About Us

The Klebelsberg Kuno Economy College was founded in the end of 2009.
The main goals of the College are to expand the professional knowledge of those who study in universities and thus developing a group opened to social end economical problems of our surroundings, a group which moving on from the university desks into the labor market will already have an advantage because of the pre acquired skills and competences. In order to achieve this, we constantly organize professional trainings in tourism, professional camps and we provide meeting options for our members with successful businessmen working in tourism and similar fields.

The economy college is based on three central pillars: professionalism, community and social sensibility.

The base of an economy college is professional life, whose most important elements are the courses, discourses, workshop camps, organized conferences, the professionals and financial assistance of the individual research.
The courses are oriented to the students’ personal needs, because the themes of these courses are selected by the students. They decide what field, theme or question they are concerned with; according to this, besides the specialty discourses, different skill developing programs (essay writing, writing applications for projects, hotel management, economic simulation games, study visits to public institutions, offices, for example the town council etc.) can be found.
Among the lecturers invited, we would like to enumerate jurists, lawyers, bank and EU specialists, businessmen, economists, and competent specialists from other interdisciplinary fields.

The community of the Economy College is refined by the different professional and spare-time meetings, and this way the college will become a whole, which can determine the whole life of a student.
The strong community connections are very important, because without this, attending to the active professional activity, the organization of common professional programs would be impossible. For that very reason we organize not just professional but also communalistic activities like movie nights, camps, trainings and common entertainments.

We put emphasis on the orientation of the accurate political, juristic and social situations. It is very important to be well informed, to be in order with the happenings in the world, to understand these, to analyze and to draw logic, rational conclusions. For this we organize debate nights, single discourses with the inclusion of specialists.

Every program, excursion, visit is free for the members of the economy college.
If somebody is admitted into the economy college it means membership for a lifetime, so after finishing the university, they can participate as senior members, according to the possibilities, in the life of the economy college.
The economy college is not a university, not an academy, not a club and not a professional curriculum.
The economy college is supplement for university training, is a practical training, which are held in the spare time, not during the university lectures, thus it does not influence the participation in the university life.